Thursday, May 30, 2013

Malnicherra & Lackatoorah Tea Estate, Sylhet

 Lackatoorah Tea Estate
February, 24, 2010
My first visit to a tea garden. I have visited Sylhet several times but never got the opportunity to see a tree garden from inside. It's beside the airport road. We stop our car and with the help of a garden caretaker we manage to have a quick tour with a garden staff.

 Lackatoorah Tea Estate

Lackatoorah Tea Estate: Lackatoorah Tea Company was established by Octivious Steel & Co. From 1934 to 1965 Managed by M/s McLain & Company of Calcutta. In the year of 1965 declared as enemy property. M/s Pakistan Commodities Ltd obtained it in the year 1966 also known as Adamjee, managing agent Duncan brother. In 1972 – declared as abandoned Property and handed over to BTIMC. From 1st July 1978 the garden is under the management of NTC.
We start from the Lackatoorah Tea Estate. After walking about an hour we go deep inside the garden. I am not sure about the place Lackatoorah or Malnichaerra. It's not a big deal that time. All are same green garden as far as you can see. We walk across the steep hill roads to reach at the top. It's drizzling at the top due to photosynthesis. But when we move out from there there is no rain and it's a sunny everywhere.

Malnicherra Tea Estate: Maybe it's the largest and oldest existing tea garden in Bangladesh. Situated in 1854. We come down from the Lackatoorah garden and heading towards the Malnicherra. I have visited the local's home beside the garden and buy tea for my home. They said it will test different than the market tea bags. But I don't find any difference later. So don't buy tea bags from them with high price unless you have a good understanding about tea.  

(Note: Don't try to go inside the tea garden without a garden staff. It's easy to get lost of face unusual problems.)

Malnicherra Tea Estate

Malnicherra & Lackatoorah Tea Estate

Places I see with ratings:
1. Malnicherra Tea Estate ☆☆☆
2. Lackatoorah Tea Estate ☆☆☆


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  1. I have visited there just last five days...

    1. Thanks Sagor for your comments. Hmm really a nice place..

  2. nice article. Hope to visit it soon :)

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