Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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Hello everyone. Welcome to my YouTube Channel. Here I share some of the selected videos from my youtube channel. For more videos please visit: YouTube/Bangladesh In My Eyes

Talking Mynah

The common Hill Myna is known as the Talking Mynah. I was in Chittagong, Huawei Rest House in Khulshi for my office purpose. Where I found this Myna bird. The cook is the owner of this bird. Hi's age probable 3 years and 6 months. This bird likes to talk. Start talking from the start of the day and everyday wakes me up at the early morning. He response very well when he is in good mood. He eats boiled rice with chili power mixed and water. This video was taken on 05th August, 2014.

St. Martin’s Island

This video will refresh our memory of an unforgettable tour of St. Martin’s Island. From 15th to 17th December, 2015 we stayed there. It’s a remarkable tour for many reasons. The nature, sea food, weather, shooting stars at night, hospitality of the resort manager and the local people makes it a special one. We visited Chera Dwip and Daruchini Dwip by gum-boat in 16th. The mouth-watering test of sea fish (fish BBQ) was delicious. We like the Somudra Kutir Resort as well. Read more from my Blog: St. Martin’s Island.

Sea Bird's of St. Martin's Island

I have captured this video while we were on the way back to Teknaf from St. Martin's Island. One of the ship passenger through some food to the bird's and suddenly lots of birds start following our ship. The view was amazing. If you travel in the ship don't forget to take some breads. Through bread pieces in the sea, birds will start following you.

ফাগুনের প্রথম বৃষ্টি

Today's (24th of February) hailstorm. It's the first rain of spring in Bangladesh in this year 2016. The size of the hail stone is average and it lasts fifteen minutes with light rainfall. In our childhood we used to collect the hailstones. Today I really miss those days.

Indian Fantail

This two beautiful birds is our new family member. This pigeon is called Indian Fantail. Indian Fantail pigeons are most commonly white and well known for their beauty. The Indian Fantail pigeon originated in India. Their fan shaped tail makes them different from other pigeon. Their feet are covered in feathers. Sometimes this birds walk on their toes.

Kite flying

I am flying a kite from our roof top. Kite flying is an old tradition of old Dhaka. I am flying kites from my childhood. Here I manage to cut the kite of my opponent.

Bangladesh Railway Museum

Thursday 14th August we get the opportunity to see the Bangladesh Railway Museum (বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে জাদুঘর). This museum located in Pahartali, Chittagong. People call the area Railway Workshop Gate. This is the only Railway Museum in Bangladesh that started in November 15, 2003 on a two storied wooden building. Details here: Bangladesh Railway Museum.

Motorcycle Stunt in Circus 

I have captured this video while I was visiting in Potenga sea beach in 2014. Though it looks very simple but there is a serious risk of life. During stunt the stunt man shows different moves.

Light Show at Armanitola Govt. H. School

Armanitola Govt. High School is one of the oldest school of old Dhaka. It was situated in 1904. People are trying to include it's old buildings in World Heritage Sites. That's why they arrange a lighting show in the school compound in the World Heritage Day (18th April, 2016). Facebook Group: facebook/aghsd Blog: armanitola-government-high-school-dhaka Other video of the main program: click here.

M. V. Green Line - 1 Inside

M. V. Green Line - 1 is an air-conditioned ship service from Teknaf to St. Martin's island. It's a two storied ship that has 131 comfortable seats to provide safe and comfortable journey to the tourists. This ship starts from Teknaf at 9.30 am and from St. Martin's island at 3.30 pm every day. We went to St. Martin's island at 15th December and return on 17th. The fare for business class is tk 750 (top floor) while economy class is tk 600 (ground floor). This ship starts from the 1st November, 2015 and until now their service is excellent. Read more about our St. Martin's tour.

Bagerhat Tour

We visited Bagerhat from 19 to 21st of February. Within short time we saw some of the important and historical places of Bagerhat. On 20th February we visited Koromjol, Sundarban. Koromjol is Crocodile, Deer Breeding and Ecotourism Center. We went there by boat over Pashur river. After that we visited Elephant Brand Cement Factory, Chandra Mahal Eco Park and Kodla Math. Next day we visited Shait Gumbaz Masjid and Khan Jahan Ali (R:) Mazar. At night we started for Dhaka. Read more about our Bagerhat tour.

Sreemangal Tour

This video is all about our Sreemangal tour. Almost one year pasted since we visited there but still remain fresh in my memory. Day one we reached there and after taking rest in hotel we visited Baikka Beel. At the evening we took Seven Layer Tea from Nil Kantha Tea Cabin as well as did some shopping. Next day after having breakfast we went to Slaughter House, Rubber garden and Tea garden etc. At the midday we visited Lawachara National Park. After that we visit Madhabpur Lake. Third day early morning we return home by train. It was a pleasant and memorable journey and will remain fresh in our heart for a long time. Read more.

Potenga Sea Beach

I have visited Potenga Sea Beach several times. From Chittagong this is the nearest Sea Beach and the best nearest open space where people can spend some good time. Every weekend thousands of people come here for visit. Potenga Beach (পতেঙ্গা সমুদ্র সৈকত), 22 km south from Chittagong, is a popular tourist spot. The beach is located at the Karnaphuli River mouth and stretches across the Bay-Of-Bengal. To prevent erosion some part of the sea sore is built up with large blocks of stones. Video 02 & Video 03.

Nilgiri (নীলগিরি)

I had visited Nilgiri (নীলগিরি) at 18th September, 2013. It was an awesome experience. Country people says it's a piece of heaven in Bangladesh. I traveled one end to another in our country but this is the most anticipated place that I wanted to see very badly and I'm satisfied. It would be better if I can pass one night there. The silent beauty of night and the wonderful blessing of morning sunshine is indescribable. People die to spend one night there. Only the lucky guys get the chance because it need special permission. Still it's a dream come true for me. Never expected to get a chance like this. Click here to see another video of Nilgiri. Read more.

Ocean Paradise Hotel

Ocean Paradise Hotel, Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Fire in old Dhaka

24th August, 2012 a devastating fire catches in front of our house. This area is called Qayet Tuly Ln. It's in Old Dhaka. Every year there are several fire breaks through in Old Dhaka. This is one of them. Luckily this time no one get kidded but it caused a lot of property damage. Other videos of fire: Video 01 & Video 03.

Dharma Sagar

For official purpose I had to visit Comilla. Dharma Sagar is a very famous place in comilla. Read more about other famous places of comilla.


The earliest urban archaeological site is about 13-14 km north of Bogra district (under Shibganj Upazila) spreading along the western bank of Korotoya river in Rajshshi Division. Mahasthangarh stands on the red soil almost 36 meters (118 ft) above sea level that makes this place one of the highest areas in Bangladesh. It is believed that the location for the city was decided because it is relatively flood free area in Bangladesh. Read More.

Our Marriage (Sahebul & Sabina)

Life is short. We plan what we thing good for us but Allah plan what he decide best for us. My marriage ceremony is such an event that I never planned but by the grace of almighty it happened such a wonderful way that we will remember forever. This is a short video of all the events that took place during the ceremony. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters..

Parasailing at Himchori, Cox's Bazar

It's my first Parasailing in Cox's Bazar. It's fun, totally safe and I have enjoyed every moment. Parasailing is an activity where a person is towed behind a boat, attached to a parachute. The boat drives off, carrying the person into the air. At present two companies providing the parasailing activity in Cox's Bazar. One of them is Fun Fest Beach Activities at Marin Drive, Himchari and other is Satellite Vision Sea Sports near Daria Nagar Tourist Center, Himchari. There are different packages. The regular parasailing will cost 1500 tk, where the adventurer wears a parachute to catch the wind and fly up like a kite while being towed by a boat. The other package includes, a longer, more thrilling ride that makes one drop into the sea until the feet touch water.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

 Is the only swamp forest located in Bangladesh. It's a freshwater swamp forest located in Gowainghat, Sylhet. It's also called the Sundarbans of Sylhet. Its total area is 3, 325.61 acre including 504 acre declared as the animal sanctuary. You will see lot's of trees called Koroch tree (করচ গাছ ) everywhere. Read More. 
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