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Bangladesh In My Eyes

Bangladesh Highlights.
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..I travel for happiness..
Bangladesh's mangrove forest of Sundarban, tea gardens of Sylhet, stunning beaches of Cox’s Bazar, hill tracts of Chittagong, island of Saint Martin and some of the most openhearted people simply makes this country beautiful. There are lots of amazing places to see. Traveling is one of my hobbies. Whenever I get time, I travel different places and try to store those memories in this blog. “Bangladesh In My Eyes” is a travel based photo blog where I share my travel experience, amazing pictures, videos and also try to focus some of the tourist places of my country. 
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Lockdown Dhaka
Lockdown Dhaka
Pictures of different places of Dhaka.
Rangauti Resort
Rangauti Resort
Moulavibazar, Sylhet.
Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf
Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf
5 star resort in Srimongal, Moulavibazar, Sylhet.

Birds of Bangladesh
Flowers of Bangladesh
Inter city bus, Ticket price, Bus counters number
Inter City Bus, Ticket price, Counters number

Khan Jahan Ali (R:) Majar, Bagerhat
Sixty Dome Mosque (81 dome in total)
World Heritage Site.
Wildlife Breeding Center, Karamjal

Chandra Mahal, Ranjitpur, Bagerhat
Nilgiri Hill Resort, Bandarban
Nilgiri Hill Resort, Bandarban 2013 & 2018
Banglabandha Zero Point and
Tetulia Dak Bungalow, Panchagarh.
Dhormo Sagar, Comilla
Dhormo Sagar. Comilla one of the 3 oldest 
cities, Tropic of Cancer crosses Comilla.
Itakhala Mura, Comilla
Itakhala Mura, Comilla.
Rupban Mura, Comilla
Rupban Mura, Comilla
Nilachal at Tiger Hill, Bandarban
About 2000 ft high above the sea level.
Chimbuk Hill, One of the highest mountain
About 2500 feel above sea level.
Shoilo Propat Waterfall
Natural waterfall.

Largest Theravada Buddhist Temple
Second largest Buddha sculpture.
Khagrachari, Chittagong
Belongs to the Mong Circle.
Foy's Lake, artificial, surrounded by hills
Constructed over 136.4 hectare area in 1925.

Ekushe Book Fair 2016 (Photo Blog).
My School, Armanitola Govt. High School.
Adventure World Amusement Park, Sylhet.

Kantaji, 18th Century Brick Temple
unique example of Terra Cotta architecture.
Nayabad Masjid, 18th Century Brick Mosque
Tomb of Pari Bibi, Lalbag Fort
Fort Aurangabad, beside river Buriganga.

Train Accident in Sirajganj
Power Plant visit.
Bangladesh Railway Museum.
Ashan Manzil (Photo Blog)
Pink Place of Nawab Family.
Ramsagar Lake, largest artificial water tank
Maharaja Ramnath (1722 - 1763 AD)
1.5 million labors worked, expanse tk-3000.
Dinajpur Rajbari, white painted large gate 
called Lion Gate, inside Krisna Temple
Monihar Cinema Hall - 8th Dec - 1983, 
Jessore is the oldest district of Bangladesh

Potenga Sea Beach, Chittagong
Located at the Karnaphuli River mouth.
Adinath Temple, Moheskhali.
Adinath Temple, Moheskhali, top of the 
Mainak Hill, climb about 69 steps to reach.
Malnicherra Tea Estate - 1854
Largest and oldest existing tea garden.

Montu Miyar Bagan Bari, Satkhira.
1st 3D Zoo in Bangladesh.
Largest Private Zoo.

Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake
Rangamati largest district and main tourist spot.
Shubhalang Waterfall, Rangamati.
Kaptai, Largest Artificial Lake, Rangamati
Rajban Bihar, Resident of Legendary 
Buddhist monk Bana Bhante (1920 - 2012).
Old Dhaka Iftar
Old Dhaka is famous for Iftar items
Chawkbazar biggest iftar market.
Buriganga River Dhaka
Buriganga River, Dhaka
Sadarghat Boat Terminal.

Madhabkunda Waterfall, Moulvibazar
is one of the largest waterfall in Bangladesh.
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park,
Gazipur, Dhaka.
Mahasthangarh, Provincial capital of Mauryans,
Guptas, Palas, Sens and fudal Hindu kings.

Journey By Launch To Chandpur
Journey By Launch to Chandpur.

Panam City, Sonargaon
The city of Gold, First capital of Bengal.
Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet
Ratargul Swamp Forest.
Only freshwater Swamp Forest in Bangladesh.

Jaflong and Tamabil
Famous for it's rolling stone.
My Travel Book
List of all the places I have visited.
Patrail Masjid
Patrail Masjid, Faridpur
By Mughal Emperor Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah.

St. Martin's Island, Only Coral Island, 
Daruchini Dwip.
The Tea Capital, Sreemangal
Famous for Seven Layer Tea.
Khoiyachora Waterfall, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Khoiyachora Waterfall, Mirsharai, Chittagong
Most spectacular, natural waterfall.

Sajek & Khagrachhari Tour
Panchhari Shantipur Aranya Kutir
Panchhari Rubber Dam

Quarantine Photography - Beauty of Nature
Quarantine Photography
Beauty of Nature
Risang Waterfall, Khagrachhari
Banglar Taj Mahal

Sonargaon Museum
Ramsagar National Park, Dinajpur.
Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd, Tetulia, Panchagarh.

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