Friday, December 20, 2013

Shoilo Propat Waterfall, Bandarban

Shoilo Propat Waterfall
Shoilo Propat Waterfall
Shoilo Propat (শৈল প্রপাত) is a natural waterfall in Bangladesh. It is well famous in Bandarban, especially in the rainy season. The water is transparent and cool. It’s a good source of supply water and nearest villagers use this water for drinking and house hold work. You will see the struggling life of the tribal people. You will see some small shops in the main road selling hand made products that reflect their lifestyle and religion.

Shoilo Propat waterfall at Milanchari, 4 km from the Bandarban town following the road of Thanchi. This beautiful place is maintained by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. The Parjatan Motel is near and it’s a huge three-storey building. You can use auto-rickshaw, jeep, private car to go there. There is no arrangement for food & accommodation only some small tea stall and natural fruits are available.

About our visit: We visited Shoilo Propat at 18th September, 2013 during our Bandarban tour. First we went to Nilgiri early in the morning. After that we visited Chimbuk Hill and at last Shoilo Propat. We passed half-an-hour there. The mail waterfall is few feet down from the mail road. You have to climb down the stares to reach there. We wash our hand and face in the water. Visitors can take bath in the in the waterfall. Overall it was a nice experience.

Shoilo Propat Waterfall
Shoilo Propat Waterfall

Shoilo Propat Waterfall
Shoilo Propat Waterfall

Handicrafts of the Tribal People

Shoilo Propat Waterfall
Shoilo Propat Waterfall

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