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Chimbuk Hill, Bandarban

View from Chimbuk Hill
Bangladesh is a low lying country. Only difference is the Chittagong Hills, the Low Hills of Sylhet and highlands in the north and northwest. The Chittagong Hills constitute an important hill system in Bangladesh. The altitudes of the Chittagong Hills are 600 to 1000 meters above sea level.
Chimbuk Hill (চিম্বুক পাহাড়)
Chimbuk hill is one of the highest mountains in Bangladesh. It is about 2500 feet high above sea level. Once upon a time it was one of the most famous tourist spot in Bandarban. With time it changes and Nilgiri takes its place. But still people visit this place. However when you are on the top of the Chimbuk, you will feel like floating over the clouds. When it is a shiny day, you can see the shades of clouds over the hills. You will see the natural beauty of Chimbuk. The huge horizon of zigzag hills seems waves of a see and the zigzag road along the hills seems like a snake’s path. 

Chimbuk Hill is about 26 kilometer away from Bandarban town under Thanchi upazila. Visitors have to register their name and address in the military check post. Riding in a jeep in the zigzag road is charming and exciting. The villagers around the hills and their simple life style, their struggle to maintain their existence will shock you. They have to climb the hill every day, every hour for their living - while climbing the hill with a jeep becomes difficult.      

There is a government owned rest house in this area. If you want to stay here, you have to confirm the reservation from the authority. There is a canteen in that place so you can easily take food or snacks. Jeep, private car and auto-rickshaw used to go there.

View from Chimbuk Hill

View from Chimbuk Hill

BTCL Exchange, Microwave tower, BTCL rest house on the top of the Chimbuk Hill.

BTCL Exchange, Microwave tower, BTCL rest house, Chimbuk Hill
BTCL Exchange, Microwave tower, BTCL rest house, Chimbuk Hill
On the top of the hill there is a BTCL Telephone exchange with a huge microwave tower. We visited that exchange. There is a BTCL rest house which is out of order now due to lack of maintenance.

Chimbuk Hill is loosing its appeal day by day for proper care and maintenance. Because of other tourist spots becoming famous and they are well organized by the authority, people’s attention from Chimbuk Hill is reducing.  
Chimbuk Hill
Upazila: Thanchai
Postcode: 4630
Distance from Dhaka (Road): 348 km and by Air: 298 km

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Places we see: 
Nilgiri (নীলগিরি), Chimbuk Hill (চিম্বুক পাহাড়), Shoilo Propath (শৈল প্রপাত), Nilachal (নীলাচল), Meghla (মেঘলা) and Sorno Mondir (স্বর্ণ মন্দির).
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