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The Golden Temple of Bandarban

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi
The Buddha Dhatu Jadi (বৌদ্ধ ধাতু জাদি) in Bandarban also known as The Golden Temple of Bandarban. In Bengali it’s called ( স্বর্ণ মন্দির) and in locals calls it Kyang (ক্যাং). It’s the largest Theravada Buddhist Temple with the second largest Buddha sculpture in Bangladesh. This Jadi is not only a pilgrimage site for the Buddhist community, but has also become one of the most attractive spots for domestic and foreign tourists.
The main attraction of Jadi is the central temple inlaid with gold carvings. It is surrounded by a few small installations, an exhibition hall, a monk's abode and at the entrance there are two large statues and a few other small statues. The central temple has four statues of Gautama Buddha (গৌতমবুদ্ধ), Kashyap Buddha (কাশ্যপবুদ্ধ), Kakosa Nannad Buddha (ককোসানন্দবুদ্ধ) and Kolagaman Buddha (কোনামগমনবুদ্ধ) made of gold. There is a Golden Bell set on a dragon within the temple precincts. The row of small bells around a giant clock which creates an intimate atmosphere around the sound of the bells ringing day and night. From Jadir's courtyard, tourists will see the green hilly lands, waterfalls and spiral roads of Bandarban city. You will also see other architectural works of Kang including Devnag Rajpukur located at a height of three hundred and fifty feet from the plains. Outside of the temple there are twelve Buddha statues enshrined in the sanctum are made of - following the pattern of  Tibet, China, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Korea and Japan. 

স্বর্ণ মন্দির (বৌদ্ধ ধাতু জাদি)

স্বর্ণ-মন্দির, বৌদ্ধ-ধাতু-জাদি
The Golden Temple of Bandarban
Ven. U Paññya Jota Mahathero is the founder and chief priest of the temple. He is a Theravada monk since 1991. He belongs to Royal Bohmong family of Bandarban and he had served the Government of Bangladesh for 8 years as a Senior Assistant Judge. The Buddha’s Dhatu (relic), which is enshrined in the temple, was a gift given to Ven. U Paññya Jota Mahathero in 1994 by the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee of Myanmar. 

Construction of the temple started in 1995 and was complete in 2000 following the Arakanese Architecture, South East Asia style. In this temple the remnants belong to Buddha. The material remains of the holy person are named Dhatu. Jadi means pagoda. The Dhatu, the corporeal relics of Buddha, has been enshrined here below four statues of Buddha, with the basic belief among Buddhists that it provides for peace of mind and happiness. 

The temple is a wonderful creation of modern architecture that represents the Buddhist culture. The temple now forms a part of the Tourism Development Project of the 'Buddhist Circuit Tour' that is sponsored by the South Asia Sub regional 
Economic Cooperation. 

There is a pond beside the temple on the top of this hill is called The Pond of God (দেবতা পুকুর). Tough it’s in the top of the hill but the water of this pond never dry out. There is also a museum, library, rest room  for the visitors. From the library and museum visitors can gather knowledge about the historical background of Buddhist religion.

The Pond of God

Visitors can see a total glance of the surrounding area, the Temple and its natural beauty from the top. Many festivals arranged every year for the visitors and the followers.


This significantly historical temple of metal construction  located in Pulpara, Balaghata (পুলপাড়া, বালাঘাটা), not much far from Bandarban town (1.5 km). The Golden Temple is situated at the peak of a 60 m (200 feet) tall hill. You have to climb 170 (or 180) stares to reach to the gate of Jadi. You can reach there from the city using the Chondroghona road (চন্দ্রঘোনা রোড) by jeep, auto-rickshaw or private car etc.

Visiting hour

It’s open from the morning to 6PM for the visitors. Visitors have to pay 10 taka for entrance. You cannot enter wearing shorts and cannot take your shoes inside the temple to maintain the rule of this holy place. The best time to visit this place is at the evening. A three-day religious fair is held in this original premises in December-January. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists from home and abroad took part in it that makes it a vital tourist spot in our country.

Night hold

You can stay in Bandarban in any hotel. There are lots of standard hotel to hold on. During our visit we stayed in Hotel Hill View.It's a good and cheap one.


Buddhism is the third largest religion in Bangladesh and practiced by a small percentage of 0.7. Most Buddhists are from the south-eastern district of Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracks. Bandarban has a large ethnic population of Buddhists. The Theravada Buddhism, now practiced as "Sangharaj Nikaya", was introduced in the late 19th century. Replacing many of the old forms of Buddhism practiced till then. The credit for this is given to Ven. Saramedha, known as "Sangharaj".

About our journey
I have visited this place twice. First time I came here with my friends Zakir and Shahabuddin in the year 2011. From December 01 to 04 we visited Potenga, Foy's Lake (ফয়েজ লেক), Golden Temple (স্বর্ণ মন্দির), Nilachal (নীলাচল), Meghla (মেঘলা) etc.

Second time I visited with Mr. Goni and Mr. Mostafa Sir along with another BTCL officer in 2013. That was a big tour and in 6 days (September 15 to 20) we visited Rangamati, Khagrachari & Bandarban. We almost saw all the beauiful places i this tour - Nilgiri (নীলগিরি), Chimbuk Hill (চিম্বুক পাহাড়), Shoilo Propath (শৈল প্রপাত), Nilachal (নীলাচল), Meghla (মেঘলা) and Sorno Mondir (স্বর্ণ মন্দির). Both of my tour was an official tour but we manage time to visit those beautiful places.

2nd Visit: 2013.09.18

Bandarban Golden Temple
The Buddha Dhatu Jadi

1st Visit: 2011.12.04

Golden Temple with friends

The Golden Temple

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