Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Logo of Bangladesh In My Eyes

Bangladesh In My Eyes Logo
I have designed this logo for my blog. I am also using it as my blog's favicon or url icon or you can say website icon. Logo design is something new to me and for the love of my blog I have tried my best to generate an unique logo.

My website name is Bangladesh In My Eyes. So the first things that comes in my mind is Bangladesh, second how I see my country and third how I wanted to represent my country to my viewers.

I have used the national flag of our country. Inside that I use the country map. The top Blue-White color means the sky and cloud. The bottom Green-Yellow means the green nature and yellow mustard plant.There is design shows the reflection of sunlight and the name of my website. At the end the logo is little bit of eye shaped to keep the flavor of the name of my website. 

Here is my new logo:

Logo of Bangladesh In My Eyes

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