Monday, April 22, 2013

About Me
It's the most difficult question in my life. All most all the interviews, I had to face this question and my answer wasn't convincing enough. People want to listen prepared answers. I never make one for me. You guys are thinking "What was the question?" It's "Tell me something about you?".
Real Me:
I like to travel. TV and movie are my favorite time pass. I see almost all the English action, animation and horror movies. I see lot's of Hindi and Bangla movies as well. You will find me always in Facebook. Blogging is also my favorite. Chess and cricket are two of my favorite game. I am an introvert type of guy, so I like to hear people rather than talking. I have very limited friends. I prefer only those with whom I feel comfortable. 

More: Currently I am working in Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd. as a Datacom Engineer. I have joined here on 12th January, 2014. My last job was in Korea Telecom Corporation Dhaka Office as a Project Engineer.
I am involve in different projects of our company.
1. GP Core IP Swap Project.
2. Replacement of Old Digital Telephone System of Dhaka city (171 KL Project).
3. Telecommunication Network Development Project, Lot-A (TNDP).
4. Internet Information Network Expansion (Info-Bahan)

We successfully completed Info_Bahan project. It was a huge project that built the IP & Transmission backbone of BTCL. We divided the whole project in three sectors IP network, Access network & Transmission network. I was responsible for the IP & Access part. Also saw some part of the Transmission network.

My next project was TNDP funded by JICA. It is also with BTCL. I was in charge of IP & ADSL and co-operating with IMS & IGW team. After site survey and BoQ amendment done, I switch to Huawei from KT. Huawei is working as a sub-contractor of KT in this project. 

My journey started here in 2009 after completing graduation from BRAC University. I am a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering and after my graduation, I had started as an Internee in Grameen Phone Ltd. After accomplishing my internship I joined in KT.

During my job I have to move all over in Bangladesh. I gather tons experience and observe our country very closely. I want to share them and keep them live. That's why I am writing this blog.

My Profile: 


Certified: CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) 
            CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional - Switch)

Cisco ID: CSCO12170252

Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd. 
Datacom Engineer (January/12/2014 to Present)

Korea Telecom Corporation 
Project Engineer (2009 to 2014)

Graduation: BRAC University
Subject: Electronics and Communication Engineering 
Collage: Dhaka Collage
School: Armanitola Govt. High School

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