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Foy's Lake, Chittagong

Foy's Lake, Chittagong
Foy's Lake is an artificial lake constructed over 136.4 hectare area surrounded by hills in 1925. It's about 91 meters high above the sea level. It was named after Mr. Foy who was a railway engineer. The lake is next to Batali hill near Khulshi not far from the Pahartali Railway Station. Batali hill is the highest hill in Chittagong metropolitan area. Chittagong zoo located beside the Foy's Lake. The purpose of this lake was to supply water in Pahartali Railway Factory and Railway Colony.

Concord Amusement World: Based on a contract between Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and Railway Concord make an amusement park inside the Foy's Lake. We can divide this in three sections. 1. Amusement World, 2. Resort and 3. Sea World. There are almost fifty rides and a big Ferris wheel. The rides I like most are the boat journey and landscaping inside the Foy's Lake. One of the new additions is Foy's Lake Resort where you can stay and enjoy the natural beauty. Sea World is a water them park consist of pools, water rides and a resort hotel.

Highlights of our journey: 
This was my second time at Foy's Lake (ফয়েজ লেক). Last time I came here with my friend. This time with my colleagues and BTCL officers. It was the closing time of our Info-Bahan project and we were eagerly waiting to complete Final Acceptance Test (FAT). In 2012, 28th to 30th November we visited Comilla, Feni, Chittagong, Chiringa and Cox's Bazar BTCL exchanges. We started 28th November by car from Dhaka and returned by air on 30th November. It was my last tour with BTCL members. Also a memorable one. 

It was Sunday 30th, we had a plan to return Dhaka in the morning flight from Chittagong. We started early in the morning from Cox's Bazar but unluckily we missed the flight by 20 minutes. The next flight was in the night. We had all the day in our hand and we decided to visit the Foy's Lake. Later we visited Potenga in the evening. We had our dinner there and started for the Airport. Click here to see Potenga. 

Amusement World

Sea World

Restaurant & Resort
My ratings: 
Concord Amusement World ☆☆☆☆

More about Concord Amusement World:

Foy's Lake & Cox's Bazar, Chittagong
First row: Mohammad Atiqur Rahman and Saidur Rahman Sir.
Second row: Mr. Lee and Mr. Ko. They are now in Korea. After the FAC they leaved Bangladesh.


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