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Potenga Sea Beach, Chittagong

Potenga Sea Beach
I have visited Potenga Sea Beach several times. From Chittagong this is the nearest Sea Beach and the best nearest open space where people can spend some good time. Every weekend thousands of people come here to visit. Potenga Beach (পতেঙ্গা সমুদ্র সৈকত), 22 km south from Chittagong, is a popular tourist spot. The beach is located at the Karnaphuli River mouth and stretches across the Bay-Of-Bengal. To prevent erosion some part of the sea sore is built up with large blocks of stones.The video was taken on 08.08.2014. Click to see more videos about Potenga

Potenga Sea Beach
Potenga Sea Beach 08.08.2014
Private car is the best option to visit this place because when you will return you will face all sorts of difficulties to manage a public transport.
From Chittagong town go to TigerPass or Chittagong New market where you will find Bus or CNG that will go to the sea beach.
Bus fair maybe 15 tk per person. CNG fair is 150 to 200. But in the busy hour, specially when you return on night they will ask for 300 to 400 depending on the situation.

On the way you will see Marin Training Institute, Airport and Seaport. Road is good and all sorts of transports are available. I went there several times. Specially when I was working in Chittagong. The main beach is about 5 km long and wide enough. From the beach you can see the ships standing in the Bay of Bengal. Watching the sun rise and sun set from the beach is simply mind blowing.

My first visit in Potenga: 20th November, 2009
This story is about my first visit to Potenga. My senior colleague and I went to Chittagong for the purpose of warehouse delivery of our project equipments. We kept all the equipments that we were going to install in different BTCL exchanges in Chittagong into a warehouse. We bought all the containers from seaport to warehouse and unload them, sort them and load them in the warehouse. We did the similar job in Dhaka warehouse as well. Maybe the last day of our work we went to Potenga (22.11.09). As my first time I was quite excited and enjoyed the place. Lot's of people come there in the evening and enjoy their time. Visitors view the Bay of Bengal sitting the heaps of the concrete bodies. There are lot's of big and small restaurants plus markets for the visitors on the beach. Though not many people take bath in this beach but it's popular for time pass and site seeing.

Story behind my recent visit (08.08.2014) : 
Now I am working in Huawei and doing GP Core IP Swap project. This days I am working in Chittagong and approximately the whole August month I have to stay here. On 08th August, Friday after Jumma prayer we decided to go Potenga. There are plenty of things to do rather than site seeing and taking batch. Play beach football, shoot the balloon with air gun, ride in a speed boat, ride in a horse, games for children and circus. We watch motorbike stunt inside a half wooden glob eat in a restaurant take lot's of pictures and few videos. 

Potenga Sea Beach
Potenga Sea Beach 08.08.2014


Warehouse in Chittagong 22.11.2009

2009.11.22 Chittagong Warehouse:
After joining KT it was my first Potenga visit with Tarick Bhai. Md. Tarick Ur Rahman Khan: Currently working in ADN Technologies. He is a nice man and always helped me in my bad times. There is a small pond inside the warehouse. It was a big place full of big equipment.That time I worked in Korea Telecom Corporation, Dhaka Office. Our work was to supervise the equipment that comes by port and kept in this warehouse. In the weekends we went there for refreshment.  

Potenga 30.11.2012, Chittagong

This picture belongs to my 3rd visit to Potenga with BTCL officers and Korean colleagues. I wrote about that visit in my other post. Click here to see it. We went to Chittagong for the closing (FAT) of our project. Co-incidents is the time was same November, 30th, 2012. Same month after three years. The little girl writing her name in the beach sand in the picture is called Sadia.  

1st Visit at 2009.11.22 with Mr. Tarick
2nd Visit at 2011.12.02 with Zakir and Sahabuddin
3rd Visit at 2012.11.30 with Mr. Atiq & Mr. Saidur Rahman Sir, Mr. Ko & Mr. Lee.
4th Visit at 2014.08.08 with Huawei Sub-con team members.

Video of Potenga Beach


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