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Mozaffar Garden & Resort, Satkhira, Khulna

Mozaffar Garden & Resort

Mozaffar Garden & Resort is also known as "Montu Miyar Bagan Bari (মন্টু মিয়ার বাগান বাড়ি)" is one of the place that really astonish me. I never expected something amazing in our country. That's why I use the word "astonish" rather than "shocking". Now comes the question why? Let me explain. It's one of the largest private own resort. The largest private zoo and the first 3D zoo in Bangladesh. That's not all to explain this unique place. Let's see more..

Name: Mojaffor Garden and Resort
Address: Kharibil, Satkhira, Khulna Division, Bangladesh.
Proprietor: K.M. 
Khairul Mozaffar (also called Montu Miya).
Area: About 60 Acres of land.
Visiting time: Mon-Sun, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

I had visited that place on 20th, April - 2011. Almost 2 years back. But those memories are still fresh. When I entered that place I thought it would be a resort like others. It wasn't. When I saw the huge collection of wild animals and birds in it's private Zoo. I wonder how the owner collected all those animals and how much money required to feed them everyday. His collection is rich and more than the government own zoo in Mirpur. Maybe those animals are collected from Sundarban. It's not far from this garden. All the animals are in good shape and good care.

Another thing that drew my attention was the 3D Zoo. It was 1st time I had experienced 3D in 2011. Next comes the area. This resort is situated over 60 acres of land which is remarkable. There is a beautiful mosque along the lake. Four resort with guest house, meeting and conference room, restaurants etc. Wide lake / pond all over the area. Some with paddle boats. Picnic spot with kids play ground. Lot's of trees like mango, coconut, litchi, palm etc and flower plants. Walking and sitting arrangement beside the lake and garden. Fishing arrangements available in the lake. Another special thing is the sculptures of different animals and birds. Resort rooms are well decorated with all modern facilities. Outdoor badminton and indoor table tennis also available.    

The lake & Zoo
This little gate of Zoo may not make you interested to go inside but once you in you will be surprised. The collection of birds and animals are really amazing. You need to buy ticket to go inside. You can see some of them below. 

Birds Collection: We see different kinds of birds in our country. In old days people used to get up from the bed hearing the sweet sound of the birds. But due to civilization they lost there home and reduced surprisingly. Now we only see the common birds around us like Crow, Shalik etc. Birds like Eagle, Falcon, Peacock, Owl etc are the rare birds that we found them only in the Zoo and forests. Domestic birds like Duck, Pigeon, Hen, Cock, Goose etc mostly found in the villages. 

Birds Collection

1. Duck, 2. Owl, 3. Eagle, 4. Eagle, 5. Peacock, 6. Hen, 7. Goose

1. Dog, 2. Deer, 3. Bear, 4. Crocodile, 5. Monkey, 6. Monkey, 7. Guinea Pig

1. Dog, 2. Deer, 3. Bear, 4. Crocodile, 5. Monkey, 6. Monkey, 7. Guinea Pig

3D Zoo

1st 3D zoo in Bangladesh. Need ticket to enter. Don't miss it. It's a combination of music, light and 3D image. It was a nice experience back then because that time 3D wasn't available in our country.

Animal and Bird Sculptures 
Lot's of sculptures around the garden and lake. I just captured some good ones. Those things are made by good hands.

Lake, Paddle-Boat, Walking-Track-and-Resort
Lake, Paddle Boat, Walking Track and Resort

I have added a small video of a baby monkey playing in the zoo.

Mozaffar Garden and Resort
Head Office: 93, Sohrawardy Avenue, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka
PH: 01712104439

Official facebook fan page:

Mozaffar Garden & Resort on Google Map


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