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Ramsagar, Dinajpur, Rangpur Division

Ramsagar Lake
Ramsagar Lake
Ramsagar is about 8 km south of Dinajpur District in Tejpur village. I'm not sure Ramsagar (রামসাগর) is a water tank or lake. If it's a water tank than it is the largest artificial tank of Bangladesh. But if it's a lake than the largest one is the Kaptai Lake of Rangamati. This lake was named after Maharaja Ramnath (1722 - 1763 AD). He was very powerful and honest king. After becoming king he gave attention to rebuilding the estate and constructed the famous Rajbari also dug the famous Ramsagar Lake. He also built a temple at Rajarampur and gave attention to complete the unfinished Kantanagar Temple. The lake was made to supply drinking water to the people living in the surrounding villages. According to the history about 1.5 million labors worked for it and the total expense was about 30,000 Taka in that period. The lake is about 1079 meter along north-south and 192.6 meter along east-west and approximate depth is 9.5 m.

Now a days it become a famous tourist spot. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation is taking care of it. They developed some facilities for the tourist around the lake, such as rest-house, picnic spot, refreshment shop and playgrounds for children. Now it's called Ramsagar National Park and tickets are needed to enter inside. When we went there we saw mango garden with full of mangoes. There is a park along with the lake full of sculptures of different animals and birds. The ideal time to visit the Ramsagor is between October to March.

Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagar Lake
Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagar National Park
Ramsagar National Park


Atique Sir
Me on Watch Tower

Watch Tower
Watch Tower


Ramsagar National Park
Ramsagar National Park

Thakurgaon Circuit House

After completing the PAT we went to Thakurgaon and stayed one night. 16th June, 2010 we started for Dhaka. It was a nice experience. 

Short history of the Raja and Maharajas of Dinajpur

Raja Sukdev Roy: 1642 - 1677 A.D.
Mughal emperor gave the title "Raja" to Sukdev Roy because he obtain a large territory in the north Bengal region. He died in 1677. Maybe the "Sukh Sagar" (Sea of Pleasure) is the only remaining left. Raja Sukdhev had two wives. Ramdev and Joydev were born by his first wife and Prannath was the son of second wife. Among 3 son Ramdev died very young.

Raja Joydev: 1677 - 1682 A.D. 
The second son Joydev became raja and ruled the kingdom for five years from 1677 A.D. to 1682 A.D. 

Maharaja Prannath: 1682 -1722 A.D.
Maharaja Prannath was a very powerful zamindar and he ruled the Dinajpur for 40 years. Rukmini was his wife and Ramnath was his adopted son. He dug a lake named "Pransagar" (Sea of life / Sea of Prannath), 18 kilometers south of Dinajpur. The most remarkable thing he did in his life was to start the magnificent Kantaji Temple. Some said he started it in 1704 AD but from the trusted source it can be assumed that he started it in his old age 1722. From 1722 to 1752 AD, in 30 years it was completed by his son Maharaja Ramnath.

Maharaja Ramnath: 1722 -1763 A.D.
Maharaja Ramanath was very powerful and honest king. He was a brave warrior and great administrator. After becoming king he gave attention to rebuilding the estate. He constructed the famous Rajbari and dug the famous Ramsagar Lake. He also built a temple at Rajarampur and gave attention to complete the unfinished Kantanagar temple. All his work make him the most memorable person of Dinajpur District. Also make the district a famous tourist place. Ramnath had four sons. Krishnanath, Roopnath, Baidyanath and Kantanath. He died in 1760 AD.

Raja Baidyanath: 1763 -1778 A.D.
When he was sited in the throne the political environment changed significantly in India. British got the power to collect the revenues.  Maybe in 1772 an English collector was appointed as the zamindar of Dinajpur. Raja Baidyanath died in 1780 without any heir. Rani Saraswati's adopted son Radhanath become the zamindar under the British rule.

Places to see in Dinajpur 

1. Dinajpur Rajbari (দিনাজপুর রাজবাড়ী)
2. Swapnopuri Picnic Spot (স্বপ্নপুরী পিকনিক স্পট)
3. Suk Sagar Eco Park (সুখ সাগর ইকো পার্ক)
4. Ram Sagar (রাম সাগর)
5. Nayabad Mosque  (নয়াবাদ মসজিদ)
6. Surah Masjid (সুরা মসজিদ)
7. Chehelgazi Mosque and Shrine (চেহেলগাজি মসজিদ ও মাজার)
8. Rajarampur Rose Mary Church (রাজারামপুর রোজ মেরি চার্চ)
9. Sitakot Bihar (সীতাকোট বিহার)
10. Kantaji Temple (কান্তজি মন্দির)
11. Govindaswami Temple (গোবিন্দস্বামী মন্দির)
12. Birganj National Park (বীরগঞ্জ জাতীয় উদ্যান)
13. Singra National Park (সিংড়া জাতীয় উদ্যান)
14. Ghodaghat Fort (ঘোডাঘাট দুর্গ)
15. Haji Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology  (হাজী মোহাম্মদ দানেশ বিজ্ঞান ও প্রযুক্তি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়)
16. Deepshikha Meti School (দীপশিখা মেটি স্কুল)
16. Mohanpur Rubber Dam (মোহনপুর রাবার ড্যাম)
16. Eidgah ground (ঈদগাহ মাঠ)
19. Shalban of of Biral, Dharmapur Union (বিরলের ধর্মপুর ইউনিয়নের শালবন)
20. Hili Land Port (হিলি স্থল বন্দর)
21. Zero Point (জিরো পয়েন্ট)
22. Sheikh Russell National Park (শেখ রাসেল ন্যাশনাল পার্ক)

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