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Patrail Masjid, Faridpur

Pathrail Masjid
Patrail Masjid
Patrail Masjid (পাতরাইল মসজিদ) also known as "Majlis Awlia Mosque" (shortly: Awlia Mosque) is located in Bhanga Upazila at Faridpur District. There is a big Dighi (water tank) to solve the scarce of water of the local people. Because of it this mosque is also known as “Dighir Par Mosque”.

Pathrail Mosque
Pathrail Mosque

Pathrail Masjid

Pathrail Mosque founded by Mughal Emperor Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah between 1393 and 1410 (or 1493-1519). It is rectangular shaped. There are ten domes with same height arranged over the roof supporting by the inside vim. The roof is lightly curved like nail. Four pillars are in the corner to strengthen the wall and same quantity pillars are separately stand inside of the structure and divided the floor in two aisles. Five outlet doorways are in the east and two each in the north and west side. There are five Mihrabs faced towards the eastern doorways at the opposite side. Wall of the mosque is ornamented by rectangular terracotta. Varieties of decorative designs are floral scrolls, rosettes, cusped arch motifs, diaper including hanging patterns. Architectural design of Pathrail Mosque is similar to the Choto Sona Mosque and Bagha Mosque of Rajshahi.
Ancient Faridpur District was known as Fatehabad, is situated on the bank of an old channel of the Padma. The town first emerged as a mint-town during the reign of Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah (1415-1433). It continued its status as a mint-town throughout the period of the Independent Sultans (up to 1538) with a short interval during the reigns of Ruknuddin Barbak Shah (1459-1474) and his son Shamsuddin Yusuf Shah (1474-1481). Later on, in 1860 Fathabad was renamed Faridpur after Shah Fariduddin Masud, a renowned saint and a disciple of Muinuddin Chisti (1142-1236) of Ajmeer, who established his seat in this town.

Video of Patrail Mosque

Graves of Hazrat Majlish Abdullah Khan
Hazrat Majlish Abdullah Khan Awlia Mazar

Grave of Hazrat Nazem Dewan (R A)
Hazrat Nazem Dewan (R A) Mazar

Front wall decorated with Terracotta 

Terracotta of Patrail Mosque
Terracotta (Floral Scrolls)

Broken pieces of Terracotta
Broken pieces of Terracotta 

Patrail Dighi
Pathrail Dighi
Patrail Dighi is on 32.15 acres land. It's a beautiful dighi with clean water. We saw people are taking bath in the water. The village is also wonderful for its natural beauty. 

Video of Patrail Dighi

Rectangular Terracotta
Rectangular Terracotta.
Hazrat Majlish Abdullah Khan Awlia Mazar.
Front wall of the mosque.
Broken pieces of the mosque.
Road to Dighi.
Dighi Area.
Dead terr in front of the dighi.
Patrail Mosjid view from the road.
Protected Antiquities Notice.
Me in front of the Masjid.
Ferry on Padma River.

Patrail Masjid
Patrail Masjid view from the road
Though the government did some furnishing work over the mosque, it needs more protection. People living in the mosque compound and use this place for their daily works, really hearts me. I saw many pieces of broken terracotta kept in one side of the mosque. 

From Dhaka first go to Mawa Ferri Ghat. After crossing the Padma river, take any local bus that will take you at “Pulia”. You can also come Pulia from Faridpur. From Pulia Bazar Bus Stand you can hire CNG to go Pathrail Dighir Par Mosque. The location of the Pathrail Mosque on the map bellow. From Pulia we use the other road because the shortest road showing in google map is under maintenance. The Unnamed road goes to the Pathrail Mosque. This road is not included in google map.

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